Travel reading

Hm, you’re traveling again to meet a guy you met on That’s commendable, but your long flight or train or bus ride can turn into a nightmare without a good book! While we all love to play games on our smartphones and tablets, there’s nothing like losing yourself in a great book during travel. Time will fly and you’ll soon be in the arms of your new guy, but richer for one great literary experience!

Clifford’s Blues by John Williams

This compelling, fictional story follows Clifford, gay African American jazz musician who discovers horrors of WWII and concentration camps when he’s arrested during his concert in Berlin. A nightmarish world is contrasted by his escape in music.

Hide by Matthew Griffin

A love story set in a small town in North Carolina. WWII veteran falls in love with a taxidermist (need we even say they’re both guys?) and they start a home on the outskirts of the city. It’s a beautifully crafted novel about love, loss, happy memories and sacrifices we make for our loved ones.

Closets, Combat, and Coming Out by Rob Smith

Rob Smith shares his story about being a young, gay black man in the U.S. army, during infantry training, deployment in Iraq and whatnot. It’s a powerful, contemporary story that tackles many issues of sexuality, ethnicity and violence.

God in Pink by Hasan Namir

Another contemporary novel that takes us back to 2003, to war-torn Iraq. Ramy is a young, gay and Iraqi, a dangerous combination in a country balancing on the edge of peace. While he’s trying to find his way amidst the ruins of buildings, religion and changing culture, he seeks help in unexpected places.
Definitely worth a readin25g!

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