Get dandy with fruit brandy!

Are you making your move on a connoisseur of fine spirits? If you’re trying to bag and tag a guy on who is a wine enthusiast or a cocktail fan, it’s time to bring out the big guns and impress him with something else – brandy!

They say that brandy is an acquired taste – but when it comes to fruit brandies that goes double. If you’re thinking that whiskey is fire water, think twice – Applejack or Palinka will burn your palate any day, and they’re just the tip of the distilled iceberg of fruit brandies.

Applejack – well known US fruit brandy

Fruit brandies can be made out of any fruit – you can even make one from mango, bananas or kiwi, though people rarely stray from plums, quinces or cherries. Applejack is the most famous fruit brandy in the US and it’s made out of hard cider (apples).

Central and Eastern Europeans seem to like fruit brandies quite a bit – there are regional and local varieties everywhere you go. If you happen to find yourself in Bratislava, make sure you try palenka, a Slovak brandy – but don’t mix it with palinka, Hungarian brandy usually made from peaches, pears or apricots! While both are strong, Hungarian one will knock your socks off!

Hungarian palinka

If you want to really sound smart, offer your guy a glass of obstler – it’s a German plum brandy which is usually called schnapps in English. Don’t get confused while you’re traversing the Balkan region: rakia is any type of fruit brandy, while slivovitz (sliva literally means plum) is made strictly out of plums.

Rakia – a generic term for fruit brandy in the Balkans.

And if you’re willing to do a bit of travelling and exploring, here are some really rare (and superbly delicious as well as unique) types of brandies:

  • Brinjevec can only be found in Slovenia: it’d made out of juniper berries and found in Karst region of Slovenia.

  • Fatata is a clear, transparent Romanian brandy made out of plums, double distilled.

  • Cholovka (or čolovka) is golden-colored Serbian quince brandy found in Shumadija region, produced by Kuca Colovica.

Cholovka – delicious Serbian quince brandy.


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