We <3 Ohio: Best gay bars in Dayton!


If you’re traveling anywhere near Lake Erie, you’d do well to visit Dayton, Ohio – this charming city often gets overlooked in favor of Cleveland or Indiana, but it’s got a few things to offer – not to mention that it’s got plenty of charming, hot guys, some of whom you might meet on yec.com!

Club Masque


Club Masque (34 N Jefferson St) is a classic gay club, with drag performances (and a few ladies’ nights every now and then). Masque has go-go dancers, but it’s known that straight people make it their home on Saturdays. Why? Because it’s one of the best dance clubs in Dayton!

They grow ‘em nice and big in Ohio: Club Masque!


Stage Door is Club Masque’s neighbor (44 N Jefferson St), but it’s a bit more on the quiet side. That isn’t necessarily bad – if you want some excellent beer, great meal and friendly staff, you can get that at Stage Door – without worrying about your budget! The visitors are quite friendly and love to chit-chat!

Stage Door – quiet but great for a quiet night out.


MJ’s Café is yet another gay bar in Jefferson Street (20 N. Jefferson St) and it has lots of space, offering drag shows, football games and karaoke! If you’re in town on Monday, you’re in luck because of their superb Martini Mondays!

Halloween fun in MJ’s Café – apparently, everyone in Ohio is hot!


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