Urban in Durban: Gay edition! (Part II)

Hm, you’re visiting Durban? This beautiful South African city will bedazzle you with its beaches, nightlife, excellent cuisine and friendly locals… but you’re probably thinking more along the lines of where is the nearest gay club or even is there a gay life in Durban. Of course there is – it has a vibrant, thriving gay community where you can meet lots of great people – but it’s best if you’ve already found your guy on yec.com!

The Lounge

If you’re looking for a great club, you won’t be able to find a better one than The Lounge. Noted as probably the best gay club in South Africa, The Lounge offers three dance floors and several bars packed in one huge, fun and entertaining experience! Mondays and Tuesdays are guys-only nights (otherwise it’s a mixed crowd) – look for the Red Bar (the one with the red door).

The Lounge is always packed with hot guys and great music!

The Bent

Bent isn’t a club – it’s a monthly party held every last Friday of the month. It’s usually located in Durban’s suburbs and the crowd ranges from a couple of hundred people to almost a thousand. Bent is great if you want to meet more mature guys!

Bent parties – nice way to meet new people!

Club Altitude

If you’re in the mood for something wild, with six-pack abs and bulging pecs all over the place, head down to Club Altitude – it has one of the wildest parties in town!

Altitude… just don’t faint from all those shirtless guys!

Club Altitude – fun never stops!

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