Falling in love with Milan: Best gay clubs!


When we say Italy, we immediately think of Rome – but Italian north has much to offer. Of course, visiting Rome is once in a lifetime experience, but Milan, with its fashion weeks, renaissance art, excellent cuisine and friendly Italians, has its allure and charms. Finding a guy willing to travel with you should be easy – you have yec.com at your disposal! Besides, do you know what you’ll find in Milan? A whole bunch of excellent gay clubs and bars!



(just like elephant, but with an L) at Via Melzo 22 is a very popular gay bar with drag shows and great music… but their strong point is the food. Beautiful, tasty, rich and divine Italian food in all shapes and sizes – their Wednesday buffer would count as a luxury meal elsewhere. Oh, if you’re into games of chance, don’t miss their monthly gay bingo called Bin-gay.

Lelephant – the best gay buffer ever!


Club 23


After Lelephant’s delicious buffer, you simply must have something to make your blood run faster… and that something would be Club 23. Strippers and drag performances, stripping contests – need we go on? It’s located on Via Sammartini 23, Milan’s version of gay village.

Club 23 – hot guys, hot drinks.


But if you and your man want to have a quiet evening filled with excellent drinks and delicious cocktails, you should head straight to Mono Bar – it’s a small bistro with relaxed, casual mood and friendly customers on Via Lecco 6!

Mono Bar


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