Gays are in the air – TF-GAY plane!

No, this isn’t fiction or click bait – there really is a pink plane out there with a designation TF-GAY! If you’re wondering what’s happening, know that it’s a real company and real passenger plane – not some wacky crop duster supporting LGBT rights!

WOW Air has christened its newest plane TF-GAY and made it bright pink (it’s a bit heavy on the eyes, but it’s the price one has to pay for glamour). With a capacity of 350 people, it will fly from San Francisco to Reykjavik – and we’ve already covered Reykjavik and listed the reasons to visit it…

CEO of WOW Air.

The CEO of Wow Air Skúli Mogensen stated: “WOW air is an airline for the people and one of our most important tasks is to lower fares in order to enable everybody to travel the world and get to know different cultures. By making it possible for everybody to travel with us, we’ll hopefully manage to make the world slightly smaller, and better.”

So, there’s no reason to wait – find your guy on and enjoy the ride!

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