More coming outs!

We’re pretty much used to public coming outs by now – but we’ve had two in the recent week! First Brandon Meier, a cheerleader for Kansas State, decided to come out in a heartfelt post, part of which is:
“I want to thank everyone I met while abroad and who supported me, my family for accepting me and loving me unconditionally, and all my friends, those
abroad included, for being there for me and continue to be there for me. I’m looking forward to this chapter in my life and moving forward proud of who I

Brandon Meier.

After that, we had Nathan Fort, super hot basketball player from rural Arkansas, opening up about his religious beliefs, struggle with accepting that he’s gay and the support he got after deciding to come out. Live wasn’t easy on young Nate – during his first gay club visit he was sexually assaulted and raped, but decided not to report the crime due to his fears.

Nathan Fort.

“Am I scared this is being published? Yes. Will I be judged or looked down upon? Hell yes.

But I am strong, and look to Christ to guide my way until I reach a new life with Him. I hope you take the time to understand what I have gone through and accept me for who I am.”

Good luck, Nate!

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