China’s first gay movie!

China is an amazing country for a traveler: ancient civilization, beautiful landscapes, hundred cuisines and spices, tech marvels and incredible cultural monuments… and now it’s also going to have its first gay movie! Definitely something to think about if you’re planning to have your trip to China thanks to soon!

Main actors.

After China decriminalized homosexuality (back in 1997), the country’s view of gay guys is somewhere between tolerance and pretending they’re not there – but that might change (albeit slowly) with Looking for Rohmer (also known as Seeking McCartney). The movie explores touchy subjects: love between Chinese and French guy who’re travelling through Tibet.

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Though it seems like a schoolbook example of a movie that’s going to be censored, the state censors approved the movie for public screening – and that’s a statement in itself, knowing the China’s censorship policy! Last December, Chinese courts declared that gay conversion therapies are illegal – so it’s probably safe to conclude thatChina is moving on with the times and slowly changing its policies.

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