News flash: Canada will pardon gay guys!

We all know Canada as a lovely nation of peaceful, developed individuals, sprawling cities and beautiful landscapes. But if you turn back half a century or so, Canada was as repressive and backwards regarding homosexuality as some societies are still to this day. Much has changed in the mean time, and today Canada plans to pardon its citizens who were convicted
under harsh legislation of the past.

Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau plans to pardon a man who was convicted back in 1960-es as a dangerous sex offender – simply for being gay. Now others have spoken out about their experiences, Eugene Stasiuk among them; after joking with one of his students (who later supported him in court), police were involved:

“I’ll never forget it, that’s for sure – the student had this big hole in his crotch in his pants and I pointed to it and I said, ‘Bob, get your mother to
sew that up!’ Laughingly, you know.”

Eugene Stasiuk, wrongfully convicted.*&output-quality=75

But another student heard everything, told his mom, who called the police. The officers started asking questions about alleged molestation.

“I admitted, of course, that I wasn’t completely straight, and if you weren’t straight, you were immoral. You couldn’t teach.”

Today, new Canadian government is reviewing the cases, stating “as Canadians, we know that protecting and promoting fundamental human rights must be an imperative for governments and individuals alike.”

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