Best gay monuments around the world!

When we’re travelling, thanks to or on our own, we’re always trying to see the sights and visit museums – and, of course, to catch sight of the popular monuments near our destinations. But we often forget (or don’t know anything about) gay monuments – that is, monuments dedicated to LGBT rights, struggles and victories. There are more than a dozen scattered all over the world!

Pink triangle in Sitges, Spain.

  • Matthew Shepard bench, University of Wyoming, USA

  • Pink Triangle, Sitges, Spain

  • Homomonument, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Memorial to Homosexuals persecuted under Nazism, Berlin, Germany

  • Wizard of Oz Rainbow, Sony Studios, California, USA

  • Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial, Sydney, Australia

  • Gay liberation statues, New York, US

  • Alan Turing memorial, Manchester, UK

  • Pink Triangle Park, San Francisco, California

  • LGBT memorial, Barcelona, Spain

  • Angel statue, Frankfurt, Germany

  • Emmeline Pankhurst statue, London, UK

  • Kiss Wall, Brighton, UK

While some are better known, like the ones in Amsterdam or New York, those in Sitges or Brighton are not that known to the broader public. If you’re travelling there with your man, be sure to check them out and pay respects.

Homomonument, Amsterdam.

Alan Turing memorial in Manchester.

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