Spring is in the air: National Orchid Garden!

It doesn’t matter if you’re really interested in gardening or simply want to ogle at hot, shirtless men doing manual work – yec.com can help you get in touch with hot guys and guys into gardening (preferably, that will be the same person). But if you’re enchanted with the beauty and eternal youth of spring, think about visiting the National Orchid Garden in Singapore!

Surreal earthly beauty of National Orchid Garden.


National Orchid Garden (1 Cluny Road) is a part of Singapore’s Botanic Gardens (and the only part with admission fee) – it’s a home for more than a thousand natural species and
two thousand hybrid orchids! Sightseeing might even take a whole day – you’ll be marveling the beauty of flowers and plants without even realizing it’s closing time!

Everlasting blossoms.


The garden has four different zones or area: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring zone has all those bright yellow and cream plants, summer zone has red and pink blossoms, while autumn has darker hues while the winter has white and blue flowers. It’s a never ending display of rich, vibrant colors and nature’s magnificence!

The Spring Zone.


Enchanting beauty in Singapore!


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