Ahoy, mate: Vasa Museum in Stockholm!

With the Eurovision 2016 coming fast (it’s in May), Stockholm will become the unofficial gay capital of Europe – but this beautiful, gay friendly city has more attractions that one can count! Demanding gay travelers from yec.com will be happy to hear that Stockholm has plenty of gay bars and clubs, but also a strong museum scene… and the most interesting one is Vasa museum!

Beautiful decorations on the hull.


The Vasa museum (Galärvarvsvägen 14) is one of a kind museum – it houses and exhibits Wasa, one of the world’s only preserved 17th century ships. It’s not a model, replica or a partial reconstruction – it’s the real McCoy! It was built in 1628, salvaged in 1961, Wasa was the pride of Swedish Navy at the time: 64 cannons, 1200 tons, 150 sailors and 300 soldiers – it’s like Pirates of the Caribbean’s Black Pearl coming to life!

Vasa museum is a popular venue for different events.


In addition to housing Vasa, the museum also has a few other ships just outside of its main building; interior is reserved for the Vasa and numerous original artifacts found during its rediscovery, showing the rise of Swedish naval might during the 16th and 17th century. It’s a great museum if you’re interested in all maritime things (or you’re dating a cute sailor)!

Oh, yeah!


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