Spring in Düsseldorf: Gay bars and everything else!

While the springtime in Germany doesn’t have the passion of Cancun or the hot charms of Spain, it does have its perks: it’s time to go out and have a great time thanks to yec.com! And if you happen to find yourself in Düsseldorf, there are several gay clubs, cafés and establishments that are not to be missed in this beautiful German city!

Nähkörbchen- always crowded!


Nähkörbchen – interior.


(yes, dear reader, we’re also unable to pronounce it correctly), located at Hafenstr. 11, is a friendly gay bar where you can have some excellent (and cheap) beer. Beware – it can get very crowded since it’s very popular!

K1 Club


K1 Club
is like a time machine, bringing you back to the ’70-es and ’80-es: karaoke coupled up with disco parties will bring back memories to the older ones and retro feelings to the younger ones.



Mandazz is not a café or a club, but a party – it takes place every second Saturday (check their website for exact terms). It is one of the biggest, liveliest gay parties in Europe: Euro dance, popular pop songs and techno come together to help you dance the night away!

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