LGBT athletes at Yale form a support group!

Yep, you’ve read it well – these freshmen are out and proud of it! Four founding members of the group (Timothy Cox, running, Jake Leffew, golf, Luc Ryan-Schreiber, rugby, and Wayne Zhang, diving) have decided to improve things for LGBT students on campus who want to participate in sports.
Yale: becoming more inclusive.

In addition, there are two more founding members of the group who are out to their team mates, but not to their families (hence their names are not published anywhere). Zhang stated: “Our end goal is to create an infrastructure and a social and institutional culture where any athlete feels comfortable coming out and being a queer athlete at Yale.”

The students decided to do something for themselves and others.

It was actually Ryan-Schreiber and Leffew who found each other through casual contacts and mutual friends, and then tried to reach out to other LGBT athletes, only to realize there isn’t a support group for them. The rest is, how they say, history. We wish you all the best, guys!

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