Pittsburgh gay nights: Clubs not to miss!

Making a pit stop at Pittsburgh is always a nice experience: it is, as they say, a big city with a small town feel – and that goes double in case of its gay scene. That is, it’s not small, closeted and secretive; it’s friendly, open and warm! So, if you’re found that cute Yank on yec.com and are coming to Pittsburgh, don’t miss these gay clubs and bars!

SPIN Bartini

SPIN Bartini  is a trendy café slash club for the, how to put it, upper class. Well, that doesn’t mean that your good ol’ blue collar self can’t visit – and have a great time with a cocktail in one hand and a great guy in the other!

The Link Nite Club


The Link


The Link might be out of town (it’s some 30km outside of city proper) but it’s charms are far reaching: male strippers, drag shows, theme nights, DJs – it’s well worth a ride!

Donny’s Place & Leather Central


Donny’s Place & Leather Central (1226 Herron Ave) is a 2 in 1 deal: it’s a casual gay bar (upstairs) and a leather bar (downstairs). If you’re into leather you’ll be thrilled – otherwise just head upstairs and meet some friendly local guys!

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