Spring reading: Best gay books for the road!

Dear traveler, it’s all nice and well that you’ve found a super cute guy on yec.com – but a traveler without a good book is like a ship with no sails! So, if you’re planning your trip, don’t forget to download a copy of the books we’re recommending (or perhaps take a hard copy from a local library – there’s nothing like turning pages while you’re travelling)!

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller


The Song of Achilles takes us back in the time of ancient Greece – Patroclus and Achilles are becoming fast friends, and not everyone are ready to accept their male bonding…

A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood


A Single Man was published quite a few years ago, but it’s still relevant when it comes to male love: it shows one day in life of George, a man who just lost his
beloved partner.

A Gentleman’s Position (part three of the Society of Gentlemen) by K.J. Charles


Described as sensual and decadent, this book will transport you to a time of aristocracy and menservants, valets and lords… and show you how love can bypass social class and position!

Selfie by Amy Lane


How about a fast-paced story of a movie actor who lost his love and failed to come out of the closet? Granted, it’s not Anna Karenina, but it’ll keep you entertained for a few hours
during your trip!

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