Packing lightly: The challenges of travel!

While can help you find a cute guy and travel the world, it’s powerless when it comes to obsessive packing – a complete set of suitcases, five hat boxes and three toiletry bags are not necessary for a simple sleepover, and you don’t need to bring your Halloween costume just to impress a guy! With that in mind, take a look at these helpful packing advices:

Check out what you will actually need!

  • Limit yourself to just one bag: 10 kilograms (about 20 pounds) are more than enough to pack for a week.

  • Coordinate colors: don’t bring that impractical angora sweater that brings out your eyes if you can’t make it work with jeans and t-shirts – bring something simple and practical.

Or just pack lightly like this guy!

  • Two pairs of shoes are enough: you’re not entering a dancing contest (well, you might if you’re travelling to Buenos Aires, but that’s a different story) so sneakers and elegant shoes will do the trick.

When you’re with this guy you don’t really need to pack!

  • Cotton beats silk in any climate: it’s easier to wash and maintain.

  • And remember the golden rule of three: three pairs of pants and shirts – but bring as many socks and t-shirts as you like, because they’re the basic clothing you’ll need every day!

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