Jewels of Russia: St. Isaac’s cathedral!'s_Cathedral_in_SPB.jpeg

When you’re exploring Russia, you usually end up in Moscow – and while the Russian capitol is beautiful and alluring, with excellent food and wonderful places to see, there is one thing travelers shouldn’t forget… Saint Petersburg! Petersburg is maybe even more beautiful than Moscow, with museums, restaurants and sights that will make your head spin – and one of the best ones is Saint Isaac’s cathedral!

Interior of the cathedral.

If you’re a sucker for beautiful architecture and monuments, and don’t miss a chance to visit museums wherever you go, Saint Isaac’s cathedral will be your forte. So grab that tall, blond and irresistible Russian hunk and head to Saint Petersburg!

Marble columns and golden decorations.

Built in 1858 (but the construction started in 1818), it’s without a doubt the most beautiful church in all of Russia – mosaic icons, decorations, granite columns and paintings are priceless works of art!
Façade decorations of Saint Isaac’s cathedral.

Today, the church of Saint Isaac is actually a museum – religious ceremonies are held only in special occasions. The ticket price is more than affordable (around $10) and if you’re fit enough, you can clim its 300 stairs to the top and enjoy the view of Sankt Petersburg!

Fantastic décor and priceless art!

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