YouTube stars come out together!

We’ve featured quite a few stories about coming out – but in recent months, more and more YouTube stars have started to publicly come out of the closet. The latest additions to the gay lineup are Hunter Herring and Tyler Matl!

Hunter Herring

Now they have a YouTube channel which they host together – and since they’re in Mississippi, where we recently saw a surge in anti-gay behavior, it’s pretty important to hear them out. As a young gay couple, they’ve sent a message of peace and love: “if you are watching this you are beautiful no matter who you are, who you love, where you’re from, or what you believe. We love you!”

Don’t forget – Sam Tsui, a rising music star, recently came out on his channel and announced he’s getting married – so we wish them all the luck in the world! We need more happy gay couples who want to share their experiences with everyone!

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