Get ready for Disney Gay Days!

We’ve already written about Orlando – the so-called City Beautiful worked hard to earn its moniker, and after transforming itself from an average American city into an entertainment industry’s powerhouse, Orlando also worked hard to offer something to guys who love other guys! If you’re not sure where to travel next, consider what has to offer: Disney Gay Days will take place
in Orlando from 31st of May till 6th of June!

Fabulous at Disney World: Gay Days in Orlando!

It all began a quarter of century ago – gays and lesbians started partying hard in Orlando, and soon Gay Days were born: a week filled with parties, events and programs that will keep you on your toes and awake all night long!

Fireworks and glitter: Disney Gay Days!

Check out their detailed calendar of events here, and don’t forget to apply for bear days if you’re into our cuddly cousins! Gay Days will include more parties than you can count and Beauty and Comedy Pageant, so what are you waiting for?

Pool parties at Gay Days.

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