New England hotness: Rob Gronkowski!

New England usually flies low under’s radar – not because it’s not gay friendly enough, but rather because it’s so gay friendly and already established as a gay hot spot of East cost, that no one actually feels the need to talk about it that much. But it’s good to remember, from time to time, that New England has important historical sites, museums, excellent food and gay friendly accommodations… and the hotness incarnate that is Rob Gronkowski!

This rugby player for the New England Patriots decided to do a GQ photo shooting session, and we all know what that means: hot rugby guys who’re even hotter thanks to GQ’s fabulous photographers!

That’s some big ball right there!

Apparently, Rob has no problems with body image: he’s already shown that he’s willing and ready to strip naked any day, any time. And if all the guys in New England are even remotely like this, it’s time to pack your bags, find a travel mate and head right to the nearest football field!

ESPN nude edition.

Some more hotness of Rob.

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