East coast bonanza: Boston Pride!

Are you still thinking where to spend the first week of June? Yec.com has the answer – US East Coast is beautiful during springtime, and Boston would be the perfect city for you: from 3rd till 12th of June Boston Pride will rock your world!

Boston Pride – fun and enjoyment!


Starting with flag raising on Friday, continuing with Pride Day on Saturday and numerous events which will lead to the Pride next Saturday, Boston Pride also includes Youth Pride, Latin Pride and Black Pride (though those are held separately). Of course, like every year, Boston Pride will have Pride marshals, as well as honorary Pride marshals (honoring posthumously those who have contributed much to the community).

Four more reasons to visit Boston Pride!


And if you’re lucky to find yourself a cute Yankee with whom you’ll spend some great time, convince him to try the Boston Pride Pageant! He might just win – and then you can brag about having a celebrity boyfriend!

Now that’s a cute display!


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