Get ready for a ride: New Jersey Pride!

Thinking about visiting the US? Cool – has plenty of people who are willing to both travel and receive guests, so what are you waiting for? And one of the cool places that you might wish to visit is New Jersey… and guess what? If you schedule your trip for early June, you’ll be catching the Pride Parade!

Time for Pride!

Yep – there is a Pride parade in New Jersey and in spite all the jokes that South Park made, NJ is actually a rather nice place: this year’s pride takes place on June 5th in Ashbury Park! You can expect a lot of attractive Jersey boys parading in shorts and shirtless shirts, so you better pack lightly because it’s going to be one hot day!

Ashbury Park, NJ.

And if you’re feeling a bit restless and want to continue partying, why don’t you visit one of the gay clubs: Feathers, Switch, Lez Party Boiz, Red Alert, The Den…

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