East coast splendor: Museums in Boston!


Boston is a beautiful city – and all yec.com travelers, being men of culture and refined taste should know that has a strong culture & arts scene, museums included. And don’t worry – there are plenty of gay clubs in Boston, but if you long to learn more about American history, maritime business or nature, head down to one of these museums hand in hand with you man!

Boston – strong museum scene and incredible works of art!


America’s Fleet Museum at Battleship Cove is a unique museum – it exhibits real naval warshipa! You can explore USS Massachusetts, destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., the submarine Lionfish, PT 617 and PT 796, and the Soviet built missile corvette, Hiddensee! Check out life in the navy and learn more about naval warfare… and maybe catch some cute sailors!

Battleship Cove’s display.


And if your naval interests are more on the Pirates of the Caribbean side, USS Constitution Museum would be the right place for you – just like Vasa in Stockholm, it displays a real warship of old!

USS Constitution

Continuing with the maritime theme, we’d be fools not to mention the New England Aquarium: from penguins, sharks and turtles to giant Pacific octopi, cuttlefishes and sea nettles, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to see first!

New England Aquarium



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