Time for… Gay of Thrones!

We’ve already told you to pay attention to Gay of Thrones – but since the season 6 just started, it’s time to go back to Jonathan Van Ness and his hilarious re-telling and analyzing of each episode! And if you’re a die-hard fan and want to visit filming locations, well – yec.com might help you with that too!

Things are always funny with Jonathan Van Ness!


While the last season left us worried about the fate of our favorite Night’s Watch commander (and we’re not talking about Mormont here), and we all knew the Red Woman was about to play a part, we can’t help but feel excited that everything went exactly like we all thought it would…

And to listen to Jonathan Van Ness chit-chat about episodes while making the new hair styles of his guests is a delight: from baby Cleo and Tilda Swinton to baby Kristen Stewart and evil Stevie Nix, his descriptions of all the characters are hilarious! Not to mention that every episode ends with a new haircut inspired by the show and the famous question: Where are my dragons!?

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