East coast splendor: Museums in Boston!

Boston has so many museums it’s hard to keep track of all of them, but yec.com is here to highlight the most interesting ones and help tired gay travelers make the most out of their East coast trip!

If you’re a fanboy of anything that’s got to do something with robots and technology, you’d do well to visit the MIT museum – it has everything from holograms to robots (and a few ship models –
this is Boston, after all) so you’ll enjoy a day surrounded by artificial intelligence!

MIT museum – robots and technology.


Harvard museum of natural history is one of those must-see museums: incredible exhibits about nature’s history, interactive shows and rare specimens – it’s everything you need from a museum!

Harvard museum of natural history


Of course, in addition to big and well known museum, Boston is a home to smaller but intimate and important museums like:

Paul Revere House in Boston


Textile history museum: how clothing is made?


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