Summer splendor: San Diego Pride!

When you’re looking for a travel mate at, make sure to find one in San Diego! This fantastic city has a lot to offer: the culture, arts, food and drinks are top notch, and let”s not forget: San Diego has a fantastic gay scene that culminates in Gay Pride!

San Diego Pride – hot climate and hotter guys!

San Diego Pride takes place between 15th and 17th of July, and the parade lineup is simply amazing, numbering well over a hundred organisations, businesses and state instututions that give their support to the cause! From Bud Light and Wells Fargo to Uber and Wallmart, all the big players are here to voice their support; of course, LGBT centers and community organisations are also present, along with artistic crews and everyone else!

Studs at San Diego Pride!

Of course, pre-pride party takes place on Hillcrest; Hillcrest Block party includes local DJs, two huge bars, free drinks for first 300 guests and go-go boys! Make sure to plan your trip to cover that long weekend, because it’s going to be one hot party after another!

Yep, the Navy is there as well!

It really doesn’t get any hotter than this!

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