Locker room secrets revealed: Whisper edition!

We’re fairly confident that you’ve prepped your body for summer extravaganza (hint: if you haven’t, check out our advice for travel exercise and how to get your important regions in shape) – can help you travel, but it can’t do your gym for you. Of course, gyms have become such a vital part of our culture, and with so many things going around in locker rooms it’s difficult to remember the proper etiquette. Here’s a few interesting whisper confessions that will make you laugh and think!

It's always a treat to see how guys manscape when they are naked in the locker room.

The only reason I work out everyday is to catch a glimpse of guys changing in the locker room.
I've had sex in the locker room so many times but only me and the guy know
I love seeing other guys change in the locker room. Always nice to see how I compare.
Even though im straight i enjoy how some of the hung guys at the locker room show off
I love going to the gym with my bestfriend. He spends a lot of his time in the locker room naked
Once I was having sex with my bf in the school locker room and his whole football team walked in!
I look at guys in the locker room at the gym. See if they look back. Some do but never approach.
My friend and I (both straight) were curious about gay sex. So we experimented together in the locker room at school . It was honestly so good!
I try to sneak as many glances at other guys packages as I can in the locker room.
I hooked up with a guy at the gym this morning in locker room it was hot and the thought of getting caught made it even more exciting

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