“I’ll pass”: Weirdest foods around the world! (I)

While yec.com wholeheartedly supports travelling and trying new things out; and, by extension, checking out local cuisine and allowing your palate to enjoy in new tastes, there are some foods that are simply too weird to be tasted! Well, if you’re daring enough, brave enough or just crazy enough, go ahead – but make sure to have a cute guy by your side who can help you out in case things go wrong!


This cousin of guacamole is actually made out of larvae found in the roots of agave plant. They’re called “insect caviar” and have a buttery, nutty taste.


Hakarl is described as an “acquired taste” when you want to be polite; Travel Channel described it as “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing”. It’s actually fermented, half-rotting shark, but hey, Reykjavik is still a beautiful place to visit!


Sannakji is raw, live octopus in sesame oil, garnished with vegetables. While it sounds like sushi, it’s actually still living when you’re eating it – so be careful not to be eaten instead!

Casu Marzu

One would think that Casu Marzu, traditional Sardinian cheese, is safe and delicious. Well, think again! If you and you boyfriend ever got to Sardinia on vacation, make sure to pass this cheese: it’s fermented thanks to larvae of cheese fly, and leaves an aftertaste that’s so strong it lingers for up to seven hours in your mouth!

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