Gay food: The art of Harley Langberg!

While is mostly travelling and dating, we can’t deny that food is an integral part of any travel experience – is there a better way to experience local culture than to enjoy in unknown culinary delicacies? We’ve already helped you prep ingenious meals for your man (gay food + dinners), but it’s time to get familiar with the art of Harley Langberg, the man whose enormous creative talent is aimed at creating masterpieces from everyday food!

Harley at work

He describes his creative process as simple, yet tricky: “I first find a picture of what I want to create, whether it’s a celebrity, a landscape, an animal. Then I analyze the picture, match up colors to food, then go shopping for the ingredients.

Lady Gaga

How it all started: “It was in the fall of 2013 when I lived down in the west village and I was in Chelsea market and saw photographs of a food artist,” he recalls. “I was so amazed, inspired and excited by the works that I went home to try to create something that night. From then on I fell in love with it.


Why is he doing all of this: “I hope they take away an appreciation for art and creativity and for pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box. I also hope to inspire people to pursue their own creative path because creativity exists in everyone.

Karl Lagerfeld

Check out more of his works on his Instagram page!


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