Birthday suit: Best nude beaches! (I)

If you enjoy relaxing in your birthday suit more than anything else, you’re in the right place! can help you find travel buddies, people who’re willing to invite you over or to help you get around – and go to nude beaches with you!

Obelisk Beach, Sydney

If you’re a fan of the land down under and want to sunbathe without your swimming trunks, head right to the Obelisk Beach! Located on the north side of Sydney Harbor, it has clear waters, sand and a prominent lack of tourists!

Playa De Las Balmins

Sitges is always our favorite, but Playa De Las Balmins has bears, muscles and hot hunks all over! Make sure to catch your spot early – it can quickly get crowded!

Baker Beach

You can enjoy in two things on Baker Beach in San Francisco: the view of the famous Golden Gate, and the sight of so many hot guys who are nude! Jokes aside, it’s a beautiful beach and one of the most popular nude beaches in the US – so grab your man and enjoy the sun!

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