Ghostbusters’ director confirms: Jillian Holtzmann is gay!

All new, all female Ghostbusters!

There has been a lot of turmoil about the new Ghostbusters movie with an all female leads: some are arguing (before even seeing it) that it’ll ruin the franchise, others are praising it for new approach to source material, some are outraged… but amidst all that, there has been a teeny tiny bit of information about one of the characters that interests us: Jillian Holtzmann really is lesbian!

Jillian Holtzmann, for those who aren’t suffering from Ghostbuster mania, is the wacky inventor of the new team: she is played by Kate McKinnon, who is lesbian in real life. In fact, Kate McKinnon is the first openly gay actor to ever be included in SNL (Saturday Night Live) show.

Regardless of the success of new Ghostbusters, it’s always nice to see an LGBT character included in the main cast of a big-budget Hollywood movie, leading to improved visibility of gay people everywhere!

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