Star Trek gets a gay character!

We’re on a collision course with the next Star Trek movie – Beyond will hit theaters late in July. But it’s not the prospect of another adventure of the star ship Enterprise that’s exciting us – it’s the news that they’ll have a gay character on board, or more precisely, on the bridge!

George Takei is gay in real life and played Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the USS Enterprise

Word just got around that Hikaru Sulu, played by John Cho, will come out during Star Trek Beyond – and everyone is welcoming this news. When it comes to gay characters, Star Trek is long overdue: creator Gene Roddenberry has plans to include a gay character in Star Trek: The Next Generation before his sudden death in 1991. Meanwhile, TOS has pushed so many boundaries (inclusion of African American and African Asian on the bridge, first interracial kiss) that he were afraid that it’ll go off the air if they push another one.

Hikaru Sulu will come out as gay during Star Trek: Beyond

Cho stated that it will not be some big, shocking reveal – we’ll discover that Sulu has a guy in the backdrop of everything that’s happening with the Enterprise and Federation.

Cho and Takei

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