Cape Town wants Gay Games!

Have you ever heard of Gay Games? They’re the LGBT version of the Olympics: open for all who want to participate, their goal is to celebrate diversity and further LGBT right everywhere, especially in the host country. So far, Gay Games were held in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Sydney, Cologne and Cleveland, while next games (2018) will be held in Paris. But the bidding for the next Gay Games just started, and Cape Town wants its share of the spoils!

According to the Federation of Gay Games, the list of cities interested in hosting 2022 games is extensive: Austin, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Washington, DC have all applied, but they’re closely followed by Guadalajara, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv. But Cape Town decided to join the fray and throw a bid, though it’s still not 100% official. David Killian, Federation’s officer in charge of site choice, stated “The impact that the Gay Games has in host cities is incredible in terms of culture, sport, economics, history and, most importantly, furthering all matters of LGBT equality.

Yep, Gay Games have bodybuilding events!

So, if you want to travel to Cape Town and scout ahead, join and find your cute South African who’s ready to be your guide!

On Gay Games love happens all the time!

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