Birthday suit: Best nude beaches! (II)

Do you love that feeling of wind on skin? Does running around on sand barefoot excite you? And, most importantly, is the sight of hot men in their birthday suits your forte? If you answered with yes, yes and YES, then has a treat for you – some of the best nude beaches around the world!

Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach is located in Vancouver, Canada, and is one of the largest beaches in North America. It’s also a full nudist beach, meaning that you don’t have to hide and worry about rangers or lifeguards going your way!

Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach is in Miami, and its north end is popular with guys who want to show their goods! It’s a few miles from South Beach so it’s not the best beach location-wise, but you’ll be rewarded with pumped guys in birthday suits who’re sunbathing and enjoying the sea!

Black’s Beach

Black’s Beach in San Diego is a well known nude beach in the US and A – it’s a bit difficult to traverse down to reach it, but it’s a fantastic sandy beach with lots to offer!

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