“No, thanks”: Weirdest foods around the world! (II)

While travelling to exotic and mysterious vacation sports seems like a good idea (and it usually is), the same cannot be said for food: while your travels (thanks to yec.com) can take you to many wonderful places, you should be extra careful not to taste some of these meals, even though they’re considered delicacies (we’re not sure by whom).


A Scottish delicacy, haggis happens when you boil the lungs, heart and liver of a sheep and boil it in its stomach for several hours. We suspect it’s indirectly responsible for Scottish whiskey tasting so good.

Rocky Mountain oysters

Rocky Mountain oysters (we cannot stress this enough) have nothing to do with oysters! They’re actually deep-fried bull’s private parts. Called “huevos de toro” in Spanish (that’s a no brainer), they’re often served on rodeo shows in America.


Khash, eaten from Armenia and Turkey to Eastern Europe, used to be a popular winter dish. It’s a soup slash broth made out of cow’s feet.

Wasp cookies

Wasp crackers are found in Japan, and why anyone would bake cookies with filled with wasps is beyond comprehension.

Stargazy pie

Stargazy pie is a traditional Cornish pie, and it is still popular today.

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