One of a kind: Unique hotels! (III)

Looking for a unique travel experience? can certainly help you with that – check out these amazing and one of a kind hotels and accommodations and plan your trip!

Tianzi hotel in China’s Hebei province is built to represent three gods of fortune, prosperity and longevity: Fu, Lu and Shou will protect you during your stay and make your trip to China a prosperous one!

Kokopelli’s Cave bed & breakfast

Kokopelli’s Cave bed & breakfast offers a stunning view of La Plata river valley and a chance to spend the night inside rocks! It’s located at Four Corners, a place where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado border each other.

Palacio del Sal

Palacio del Sal, Bolivia

Palacio del Sal in Bolivia is a hotel made entirely out of salt! Located at  Salar de Uyuni, world’s largest salt flat, it has dry sauna and salt water baths, as well as excellent menu! In addition to standard rules of stay, there is one rule not to be broken: don’t lick the walls!

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