Tips and tricks: How to stay cool during heat!

It’s great to travel thanks to, and we wholeheartedly recommend it – but we can’t travel all the time, and chances are that you’ll be suffering from summer heat waves in your apartment or house. If that pesky heat is keeping you up at night and makes you lose your beauty, take a look at these helpful tips to survive it with ease!

Cold showers – shocking but good!

Cold showers are the usual way to get cool quickly. If you’re having trouble sleeping, go with cotton sheets and even ice packs which you’ll put in bed – or perhaps a hot water bottle that you’ll cool in your fridge!

They’re just called hot water bottles – they can be cold as well!

You can improvise and put some ice in front of your fan – that way you’ll have a nice cool breeze to help you cool down quickly.

You get the idea…

Turn off the lights or other heat sources – that night light might be comforting, but it’s also producing heat. The same goes for DVD players or TV tuners.

Of course, the best way to cool is to visit the beach with your (boy)friend!



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