Pack for Iceland: Reykjavik Pride!

Iceland is one of the hottest gay travel destinations in the world (even though it may sound a bit contradictory): it’s so accepting, heartwarming and full of natural wonders that people are actually going there to get married! If you have Iceland on your bucket list, it’s time to visit it and cross it over because Reykjavik Pride is coming soon!

Reykjavik Pride always draws huge crowds

Reykjavik Pride takes place from 2nd to 6th of August (makes sense, since that’s about as warm as it gets on Iceland). You can check out the detailed program here, but it’s going to be one big party: gay walks, gallery openings, gay cruise… There’s even a sea shore safari planned, though we doubt anyone is gonna see lions and antelopes (well, maybe sea lions)!

And some hot Icelanders!

So, if you haven’t found a travel pal yet, got to and find a gay buddy who’d love to visit Iceland with you!

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