Last stop Spain: Circuit Festival in Barcelona!

Spain and Barcelona appear on our gay radar every now and then: after all, Spain is one of the most sought-after gay travel destinations, and Barcelona is the epicenter of gay happenings on Iberian peninsula. And if you know  a cute Spaniard on who is ready to be your guide, all the better: Barcelona will be hosting Circuit Festival at the beginning of August!

Well, that’s not completely true: Circuit Festival will start on the 2nd of August, but will end on the 14th! That means you’ll have plenty of time to visit the sights and attend all the parties, plus ogle at hot Spanish guys who’re usually in the mood for skimpy outfits! Jokes aside, there are some promising activities included: on August 9th you can have fun on Water Park Day, but there are non stop parties (13 in total) during the entire Festival! Check out the last year’s Water Park Day – it was a blast!



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