Stay fabulous: Best beach drinks!

When you’re relaxing on some exotic beach thanks to, you’ll need to refresh yourself from time to time… and which drink will you choose? Which refreshment will you bring to your new friend? Here are some fabulous summer drinks that are excellent on the beach!


Caipirinha is a Brazilian drink that refreshes and cools you during your beach break – lime and sugar together with spirit made from sugarcane juice (we suspect it’s a type of brandy) are more than enough to get you going again!


Mai-Tai got its name when a guest from Tahiti tasted the drink at Oakland (California) and said “maita’i ro’a ‘ae“, which translates as “incredible” or “out of this world”. Made hugely popular by Elvis and his movies, it ascended to the throne of obligatory beach cocktails and never went out of fashion.

Cape Codder

Cape Codder comes from Massachusetts, and is a favorite drink in better houses and beaches on the East Coast. Jokes aside, it’s a strong, refreshing cocktail, perfect for the late summer afternoons!

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