Brighton Pride: Perfect excuse to visit the UK!


When you’re travelling to UK thanks to, you’re usually hitting London, or if you want to be really trendy, you’ll go to Glasgow (Scotland is one of the most sought-after gay travel destinations right now). But if you’re smart, you’ll go to Brighton – this British city is a haven for gay tourists and locals alike, as we’ve written last year.

Bears at Brighton Pride!

Brighton hosts one of the biggest UK Pride events (they’re actually boasting it’s the biggest, but we’ll know for sure once we’re there). Pride weekend this year falls on 5th, 6th and 7th of August, so you’d do well to pack your bags and plan a trip to UK around those dates! Brighton Pride includes so many events that your head will spin: from Pride dog show, Diversity Games and Art Pride Festivals to a whole bunch of Pride parties!

Brighton Pride has many open-air parties

There are ten (yes, 10) Pride Parties happening in Brighton during Pride weekend, and you can check out the schedule here. Of course, you’ll never make it to each and every one, but you and your man can make a compromise and still have a good time at Brighton during Pride!

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