Keegan Hirst goes on First Dates!

Do you remember Keegan Hirst? After we’ve done a piece on him (no pun intended) last year, everyone on wanted to visit the UK and check him out in person! Even though this gentle giant (a towering 194 centimeters – that’s 6′ 4” in imperial) has already done a semi-naked photo shoot and got a lot of public support, this time he’s in the spotlight for going on a date!

Ah, to be that photographer…

Keegan surprised us by going out on a date on First Dates – a TV show (nomen est omen) that pairs people up. He’ll be going out with Paddy White, personal trainer slash self-proclaimed Twitter addict, who might be too big of a bite for Keegan…

Paddy and Keegan

Paddy stated: “I was eager to make a good impression on Keegan and tried to impress him with my honesty and my humor, maybe I went just a little too far!

Well, we’re sure that there are plenty of guys who’d love to go on a date with Keegan Hirst!

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