The best thing about gay marriage: Whisper edition!

Are you still flying solo? In case you are, there’s always where you can find cute guys and make travel arrangements! And if you’re having second thoughts about being wed with your man, think again: these happy stories from Whisper will bring a tear to your eye!

Being gay and being married, people often judge us for it. But my husband and I are able to look past all of it. We take each other seriously and that's what matters most.


I love being married because I don't have to worry about impressing anyone but my husband. Other gay men just don't appeal to me anymore.


My husband and I were just able to buy a house together. We're gay and domesticated and dgaf. This is a dream come true for us
We're both men but my husband and I love taking care of each other. I think that's been our favorite part of marriage so far.


As a gay man, my favorite part about being married is having our families over for dinners that my husband and I cooked together. It just feel right ❤️


The best part of being married to my husband is that I get to wake up next to him everyday (we're a gay couple)
As a young kid being gay was hard. Now that I'm grown up and married, I can't even believe it... I'm so grateful that my husband and I found each other.
Being married is like having a sleepover with my best friend every night. I feel so lucky.
The gay dating scene is a mess. I'm so happy I'm married and out of it for good!
The best part of marriage for me is taking showers together. It's so intimate and I always know it will lead to great sex.


When gay marriage became legal here, my husband and I got engaged. Now that we're married my favorite part is just feeling at peace with each other.

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