Nickelodeon pushes boundaries: First cartoon gay couple!

Harold and Howard

Nickelodeon is known for its quality TV programs for children, and so far has managed to bring us beloved cartoons like Sponge Bob. This time they’ve decided to make history: they’ve brought us the first openly gay couple on cartoon TV: Harold and Howard!

The couple is a part of their Loud House cartoon, and they’re the parents of protagonist’s best friend. There are no mentions of their sexuality during the episode (which might be better, just like recent Sulu coming out in Star Trek Beyond), and the only mentioning of history is between two boys (Clyde and Lincoln) which are saying that they’re gonna make history with their first sleepover.

Both dads are overprotective: they’re bringing everything their son might need for the sleepover: humidifier, earplugs, allergy medication, white noise machine… and warning him against taking orange juice because: “Remember Clyde, no nuts, no gluten, no sugar and be careful with orange juice. You know how you get with pulp.

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