Summer fun: Best sports on the beach!

Beaches are the epitomes of fun: they’re full of sun, sand and sea, and there’s no chance you’ll be bored when you’re travelling to one thanks to! But if you’re an energetic, active type of person, you’ll probably want to have some fun thanks to sports on the beach! Take a look at our top picks and choose one!

Scuba diving is an incredible chance to explore the world under the sea – and it’s usually commercially available, meaning you won’t be in any kind of danger.

Scuba diving

Beach soccer is always kind of fun – if you have a soccer ball (or just “football” as it is called outside the US) and a couple of friends, you can have fun in the sand!

Beach soccer

If you want to have fun with hunky, athletic guys, why don’t you go with some beach volleyball instead of soccer?

Beach volleyball

Have you ever heard of banana boat? It’s the vanilla version of water skiiing – but maybe even more fun!

Mild version of water skiing – but no less fun!

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