Elton John established $10 million fund for African LGBT!

While Africa pops up on our gay travel radar occasionally, it’s usually limited to South Africa, where LGBT people have a high degree of recognition and acceptance, from legal protection against discrimination to gay marriage. The rest of Africa is, to put it mildly, another story:

That might change, if only for a tiny bit, with the announcement of sir Elton John that he’s establishing a 10 million dollar fund for LGBT Africa!

He stated the following:

I know that certain governments in Africa will not respond to someone like me telling them ‘You should do this, you should do that’, I count for nothing as far as that goes. What I can do is ensure that people who are LGBT – if their clinics are closed down because they are LGBT – we can give them medicine. If they are arrested, we will get them legal aid.

We will help them on the ground. With these countries sometimes, who knows, it might take 50 years, but I guarantee it will change. You might have to fight for your own life but it will be worth it because in the end, you will win. In the ’60s in England you were prosecuted for being homosexual. Most people who could afford it went to north Africa to have sex or were arrested in public toilets. Now I can be married to my partner. Things can change.

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