Bye bye North Carolina: NBA cancels All-Star game!

There are so many wonderful places that you can visit in the USA thanks to from Boston and its culture to New Orleans and its party nights, there are innumerable places that you can visit and feel warm and accepted. On that list you won’t find North Carolina, which embarrassed itself with its HB2 law (abbreviation of “House Bill 2”, the law that forces transgender people to use only the public bathrooms that correspond with the gender on their birth certificates). While the law caused significant backlash from huge companies, NGOs and celebrities, the latest form of protest comes from none other than – NBA!

Empty arena in North Carolina is going to stay empty

National Basketball Association decided to cancel the All-Star game planned to be held in Charlotte. Even though the game was planned for February 19th, this decision has some far-reaching consequences: they’re opting for Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, a city known for its cosmopolitan and welcoming culture.

You won’t find this in New Orleans, because they don’t meddle in people’s bathroom choices

So – sorry, North Carolina, you’re going to stay alone!

Meanwhile, in New Orleans…

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