Zachary Quinto speaks about his coming out experiences!

Sylar, Spock, Snowden, Thredson… Zachary Quinto has had a bunch of successful roles, and it seems that his coming out only helped his career. He’s regularly included on all the list of sexiest men and cutest gay couples, and he’s announcing new project after another: movies, theater, TV… But in a recent interview for the Guardian, Quinto stated that he knew about his sexuality for a long, long time, and came out in college!

The question of when I knew I was gay and when I accepted I was gay are two very different conversations. I suppose I knew what was going on. I just wasn’t ready to look at it.”

I grew up with a pretty suburban, Catholic upbringing. I feel once I was able to create my own life and explore my own path … um … then I started to turn my attention to fully understanding and accepting who I am.

I feel like – I guess I don’t – it’s interesting. I don’t know. I guess part of me feels like my sexuality is one aspect among many aspects of my personality and I’ve integrated it over time. It has never occupied for me a space where I needed to aspire to some other version of myself other than who I was. I denied it for so long that I didn’t really allow myself to … um … to fully inhabit that part of my life. I just … I don’t know. I guess. I don’t know. I didn’t really ever … My experience of myself was not about that.

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