Jewels of far East: Best temples to visit in China! (I)

When you’re using, travelling around the world is so easy: you can meet new friends, find a cute guy, see exotic beaches and beautiful cities. But China usually falls short on our lists thanks to huge interest in European cities, American landscapes and that indisputable Latin charm of South America. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you some of the best ancient temples you can visit during your trip to China!

The Temple of Heaven, Beijing

The Temple of Heaven is probably the most famous temple in all of China – the public has access to its splendid park where scores of people practice tai-chi every day!

Nanshan Temple, Sanya

Nanshan Temple will take your breath away: located in China’s Nanshan Buddhist Tourism Area, it got its name from a Buddhist expression: “Good fortune is much as the East Sea; longevity is high as Nanshan.”

Tanzhe Temple, Beijing

Tanzhe Temple is a home to famous Dragon lake and numerous Zhe trees; it’s also the oldest temple in Bejing!


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